Aesthetic Injectables


BOTOX¼ Cosmetic is FDA-approved to temporarily relax facial muscles that causes lines and wrinkles. Wrinkles relaxers are best used in area of facial expression such as frown lines, crows’ feet and 11s between the eyebrows. We make many expressions throughout our lives, which can cause creases in the skin. When it is injected, it blocks the signals from the nerve to the muscle. The muscle is paralyzed and the skin doesn’t move, resulting in fewer or shallower wrinkles.

Juvederm Fillers

JUVÉDERMŸ VOLUXℱ XC is a new injectable facial filler formulated especially for the chin and jawline.  “The shape of the jawline has a profound effect on an individual’s appearance. Although there are other products that can also be used around the jawline, JuvĂ©derm Volux is a thicker, more cohesive gel that provides a good amount of lift specifically for that area.

Bellafill Filler

Fillers are an immediate action to improve your skin’s plumpness, enhance shallow contour, soften facial creases and wrinkles. The Bellafill injectable not only fills in severe smile lines, but it also improves the appearance of recessed scars. The formula is made up of a soft collagen gel and polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) microspheres, that are not metabolized. These small spheres help to keep the structure of the skin and encourage collagen production. This collagen will form a strong, youthful support structure around the PMMA, which will last up to five years. Bellafill’ s unique microspheres are also the reason this dermal filler is FDA-approved for the treatment of acne scars.

Hair Restoration

The PRP Therapy offered at Revive Med Spa will help you solve your hair thinning or loss problems, naturally. PRP is the acronym for Platelet Rich Plasma, which is the blood plasma that contains a high concentration of platelets. It is also referred to as thrombocytes. The PRP technology was initially developed about 20 years ago and is a technology based on the body’s natural ability to heal and is used for a wide range of treatments. It is an ideal solution to promote hair re-growth as it helps promotes natural rejuvenation.