Bioidentical Hormones

Hormonal imbalances may occur when there is excess or insufficient of a hormone in the bloodstream. Because of their vital role in the body, even the smallest hormonal imbalance can cause side effects throughout the body.

Weight Gain?



Lower Sex drive?

The Process

With age both men and women can experience hormone imbalance. Hormones are one of the most important regulatory systems embedded in our bodies. If you are looking for a natural way to improve your hormones, then the Bio-Identical Hormone Pellet therapy we offer at Revive Med Spa, is the perfect option for you. Our pellets are made in a compounded pharmacy using completely natural ingredients that can counter hormone imbalance with natural estrogen or testosterone. The hormone therapy will help you re-establish balance, improve and restore your natural hormones that reduce as you age. 


Hormone replacement therapy is suitable for women if you are going through perimenopause or menopause as it eases the symptoms of vaginal dryness, hot flashes and mood swings. It can also aid with lowering the risk of heart disease and brittle bones. Other benefits include reducing dry skin, bloating and fatigue, less hair thinning, improved sleep along with better thinking and memory.

How Does It Work

If perimenopause symptoms arise it is advisable to consult a medical professional, where you will be tested for hormone levels. Usually this is done through sampling your blood or saliva. Based on the results, your doctor will determine if you need hormone replacement therapy. As individuals, each woman’s requirements are unique, and the Bio-Identical pellet therapy is mixed to suit specific needs using natural ingredients, that replicate the body’s normal levels.

Treatment is usually done through compounded pellets, prescription medication or injections. Nowadays there are creams, gels and lotion options available as well. The hormone pellets are about the size of a grain of rice and administered in the fatty tissue beneath the skin, so it can be absorbed by your body. It helps maintain consistent hormone levels for about three to five months. Once inserted you will not feel the pellet at all. 

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement therapy is safe for all body types and lifestyles as it is made for individual needs. However, it is not suitable for long-term use and should be done on the advice of our medical professionals. Your hormone levels will be tested regularly during treatment. At Revive Med Spa, for your convenience and preference, we also provide hormone replacement therapy in the form of prescription medication which can be taken orally at home, based on the instructions of our medical professionals.


Speak to a medical consultant at Revive Med Spa for a personal one-on-one consultation regarding our Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy and schedule a consultation. It is the right step towards finding a natural treatment for your body. 

Let’s work together!

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BRHT) is an effect way to control the symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness, insomnia and frequent unitary track infections.

Are you experiencing sleep disruptions?
Are you experiencing fatigue?
Are you experiencing vaginal dryness?
Do you feel irritable most of the time?
Do you experience hot flashes?
Have mood swings become common for you?
Do you experience depression?
Do you feel a decrease in your sex drive?
Do you have night sweats?
Do you have bladder issues?

Have you answered yes to three or more questions?

You may be showing symptoms of hormonal imbalance and/or menopause, if you answered yes to three or more questions. In which case bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is the answer for you.


Are you experiencing a decrease in libido (sex drive)?
Are you experiencing a lack of energy?
Are you experiencing a decrease in strength/endurance?
Have you noticed a decreased “enjoyment of life”?
Do feel as though your stature has got smaller?
Are you sad and/or grumpy?
Are experiencing shorter erections?
Are you finding it harder to play sports?
Do you feel sleepy immediately after dinner?
Are you experiencing a recent deterioration in your work performance?

Have you answered yes to three or more questions?

Specifically, have you answered yes to questions 1 and/or 7? If so then you may have low testosterone. If you do have low testosterone then bio-identical hormone replacement therapy maybe the answer for you.



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