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How Much Dermal Filler Do One Need?

Syringe of Filler

One syringe of filler is equal to 1/5 of a teaspoon, not much at all! Visual below shows that a 1ml of syringe is a small amount of volume.

One can go a long way in a smaller area such as a lip but when building volume in a larger area such as cheeks or jawline, it requires a few more syringes. 


Starting in our mid 30s we begin to lose approximately 1 cc of volume in the facial area per year. Because of this, most patients require 1 syringe of filler per decade of life.

So, for a full correction at 40 years old, you would need about 4 syringes. 50 years old, need about 5 syringes of filler, and so forth.

In combination with age, lifestyle choices, such as smoking and sun exposure, can also affect how much filler you might need.