TriBella treatments are done on a versatile three-applicator platform, using three different highly effective technologies in one work station, with 10-minute intervals between individual treatments. TriBella offers three powerful and effective treatments which are guaranteed to give you incredible results and is perfect if you are seeking a more effective skin solution.


At Revive Med Spa we offer these exceptional tri-modality TriBella treatments which is a synergistic fusion of three unique technologies, providing you with overall improved skin tone, texture and elasticity. TriBella is the ultimate facial rejuvenation treatment.

How does it work?

The treatment uses three specific applicators the IPL photo rejuvenation applicators, the Diamond Polar applicator and the Nano Fractional RF applicator that deliver three powerful procedures, seamlessly via one endlessly adaptable device. The entire process takes about 1.5 hours and should ideally be done every 4 to 5 weeks, with 3 complete treatment sessions in total. You will start to notice amazing results roughly about three months after the third session of treatment. To maintain best results one treatment session every six months is recommended, thereafter.

TriBella™ was named New Treatment of the Year at the 2018 MyFaceMyBody Awards, the largest and most recognized awards program celebrating aesthetic innovation and customer excellence!




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